Back Home In Albany, New York

I truly believe that one of the best parts of traveling is returning home to see your family and friends.  Your time abroad or visiting other states is always fun, especially when you go with boy scouts, but going home has no comparison.  I grew up in Albany, New York in the 90’s and moved away after graduating college, just outside of Latham.  I didn’t stick around the area though. I traveled all the way down to NYC to start my new life.  Even though I was always bored when I was home, I still really enjoy driving back up and hanging around in the Capital District.  The Capital Region is a nice place, even if I get tired of it after a while.  There’s a lot of things Albany County has that New York City does not, like trees.  Central Park aside, the Albany and Latham areas are loaded with greenery, shrubs, and colorful foliage.  It’s an amazing site to see if the summer and in the early fall when the leaves change color.

The fellow boy scouts and I will be heading back home this coming weekend, and we’ve already started hearing about all the changes in the area since we left.  Demolition contractors from Latham were installing solar arrays on a large patch of land and collaborated with an Albany land clearing company to remove trees and stumps before the new construction starts.  These types of business partnerships are common because each company brings different skills to the table.  The demolition experts are best at removing buildings, while the arborists are great at tree removal.  We’re going to drive over to the location on Saturday afternoon to see how the project is coming along.  We’ve had boy scout meetings about sustainability and using solar power for electricity generation, so this will be interesting to see.  If they do successfully install the full-sized solar array, SUNY Albany will be contacting them to setup a field trip in the very near future.