Off to Miami for One More Week in Florida

December was a blast!  Our boy scout troop spent a little over a week working with a family-owned business in Jacksonville to support the local food bank.  Now, we’re driving 5 hours down to Miami to help a local roofing company, Z Roofing & Waterproofing, whose pledged a portion of their profits to a local food bank.  Troop 95 will roll up its sleeves and help tear off and replace old roofs with state-of-the-art metal roofing materials.  Unlike many of the other roofers in Miami, Z Roofing is a family-owned business started by a father and handed off to his son.  They mainly serve Hialeah and Miami, offering roof installation, repair, and replacement.  They also offer waterproofing as an add-on service, which is truly necessary with Florida’s typical rainy season and penchant for hurricanes.  You can learn more about Z Roofing on their website.  We’re excited to see a day in the life of a roofing contractor and help where we can.   We expect a busy 5 or 6 days as homeowners begin requesting projects after the holiday break. After this coming week, the boy scout troop is headed home.  We’ve kept the guys away from their families for quite some time, so we’re ready to head back.  Next update to be provided in a couple weeks.

Update: 2/4/2019

We’re back home from the trip now.  A couple of the guys got fried because they weren’t wearing any sunscreen (despite it being advised).  Back to normal activities and helping these guys work toward their next badge.