Volunteering in Jacksonville

Part of the Boy Scout code, and even the requirements to become an Eagle Scout, is volunteering.  Some people choose easy tasks like helping serve food at Thanksgiving’s Equinox event, or handing out flyers for a church or a non-profit organization.  Troop 95 has a long debate over what form of volunteering we’d like to do, and we decided on a much different approach this year.  We’ve been in contact with the Jacksonville Business Networking International (BNI) chapter, who turned us on to a number of minority-owned companies working in small business.  After sorting through a few potentials, we selected the concrete contractor Jacksonville Pool Decks.  They’re a small, family-owned business who handle pool deck repair and resurfacing for homes and commercial properties within a 100 mile radius. You can read more about them on their website www.JacksonvillePoolDecks.com.  They came highly recommended due to quality craftsmanship and a surprising number of impressive reviews.  We’re planning to fly from JFK to JAX on 12/27, right after Christmas and stay for one business week.  We’re going to assist Jacksonville Pool Decks with a number of tasks from answering the phones and scheduling to traveling to see customers for estimates.  Now, while we don’t normally assist for-profit businesses, we’re doing so because their team has offered to donate all profit from the month of December to the local food bank.  That’s a noble cause we can certainly support.  Troop 95 BSA will provide updates after the completion of the trip.