Here’s Why Volunteering is Important for You

According to a survey conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 25% of Americans volunteered through or for an organization in 2015.  Every year a large number of volunteers donate their precious time to work for the benefit of people and animals. Volunteering helps in bringing about a difference in someone’s life and has a positive impact on society.

Importance of Volunteering

Volunteering brings you immense satisfaction as you get the opportunity of changing people’s lives for the better. Not only does it help you get in touch with the community, it also helps you in making new friends.  It is because the volunteer gets an opportunity to interact with people who share a common interest, thereby widening their support group. Let us look at the ways in which Volunteering can be rewarding for you.

  • Regardless of your age or situation in life Volunteering makes you feel lively and energetic as it takes your mind away from the day-to-day worries.
  • Volunteering is great for people struggling with issues of self-esteem and confidence as it gives you a feeling of self-worth. It is also good for teens suffering from depression, social anxiety, and eating disorders.
  • Volunteering gives you the opportunity to interact with people and to enhance your social skills. You regularly meet with people who have similar interests and so it gets easy to make new connections.
  • People can advance their career by opting for Volunteering services that match their skill-set. One can also learn new skills such as teamwork, communication, time management, project planning, critical thinking, and problem solving,
  • Studies show that a very high percentage of prisoners in America suffer from mental disorders. There are programs that allow inmates to volunteer for causes and this helps significantly in reducing their stress levels.
  • Apart from mental health benefits, Volunteering is also good for physical health. Research depicts that it helps in reducing the symptoms of heart disease and pain. Also, people who volunteer have a lower mortality rate as compared to their counterparts who do not volunteer.

Volunteering makes it easy for people to follow their passions. For instance, if you are an animal lover, you can take time out to work with animal rescue centers.

How to find the Right Volunteering Opportunity?

There are many jobs that one can find in their community. However, it is important to go for a position that matches your interests so that you enjoy doing it.  Follow these simple tips to get a Volunteering opportunity that you would like doing.

  • Ask yourself the following questions that will help you decide the best  opportunity for you:
  • Are there any causes close to your heart such as children’s education, elderly care, women empowerment, or animal welfare?
  • Would you like to volunteer for children, adults, senior citizens, or animals?
  • How many hours are you able to dedicate to the role?
  • Are you comfortable working with a team or do you prefer working on your own?
  • Does the job match your skillset?
  • What would you like to gain from the opportunity?
  • What are the places, people, and activities that make you feel energetic?
  • Ensure that you know what the organization is expecting from you. It is good to start small so that you get an opportunity to get acquainted with people and you get to know the work that is expected.
  • If you do not like the job that has been assigned then you should be vocal about it. Talk to the person in-charge and seek their help in finding a role that fits you.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow these simple tips to get the right volunteering opportunity and help change lives.